>>  3.22.16 UPDATE: Tarot wins 2 District ADDYs for 'Advertising Industry Self-Promotion' and 'Photography: Elements of Advertising. On to Nationals!  <<

>>  2.18.16 UPDATE: Tarot Wins 3 ADDYs for 'Advertising Industry Self-Promotion', 'Photography: Elements of Advertising', and 'Copywriting'  <<

>> 1.29.16 UPDATE : Tarot Featured in PDN Praiseworthy Printed Promotional Pieces  <<

I'm excited to share more about the creation and inspiration behind my recent series "Tarot", seen above as a printed set and each card highlighted below. Tarot is a project that came to fruition as I set out to create a personal campaign that combined far-away landscapes with studio shots of talent and props into a conceptual narrative. The challenge of creating a layered story within a vertical canvas added to the allure for me as my work frequently has a horizontal bias. 



One of my closest creative partners in this project was Stacy Evans. I often do my own retouching but was so fortunate to have Stacy's contributions to this project from the beginning.  Stacy and I have collaborated many times over the years, but none quite like this! Check out the progression videos below to get a glimpse into the retouching and compositing artistry executed. 



Production of Tarot took nearly 2 years from inception to distribution. I worked with an immensely talented crew including an art director, designer, copywriter, retoucher, as well as actors, styling and production teams. 


We began concepting in 2014 by considering first the purpose and audience of this campaign; to send an attention-grabbing print mail piece to creatives in the advertising industry. Tarot was born from the desire to create interactive art cards in a manageable size, that tell a story, are visually captivating and demonstrate my stylistic versatility. We considered all 21 Major Arcana cards and landed on the 7 cards that would comprise a fulfilling range of artistic diversity.  

Here are a few behind the scenes, insight into our creative process, and early variations on the concepts we executed. 


I'd love to share Tarot as much as I'm able; to inquire about your own set please email us!