Southern AIDS Living Quilt

Assembling an AIDS Quilt Panel, 1989

Growing up in NC, my mother worked as a social worker in pediatric HIV/AIDS at Duke Medical Center.  In 1987, she started the first support group for adults with HIV/AIDS in NC.  My mother and step-father first met at an AIDS Service Agency of NC meeting and later became president and vice-president of the agency, respectively.  The fight against HIV/AIDS and promoting education, awareness, and community around the issue has been very important to my parents, thus, a big part of my life from a young age.

In honor of World AIDS Day, I'm sharing my images from collaborating with the Southern AIDS Living Quilt. The Living Quilt is a project of Southern AIDS Coalition, dedicated to promoting awareness of the growing impact of HIV/AIDS on women in the southern US, particularly women of color. Naturally, I was honored when approached to be a part of this effort and am proud to share these portraits with you today.