Wait. Is that photo moving?

That’s right. It’s a cinemagraph. We were invited to Marriott’s gorgeous ranch at Fairfield Farm to capture the brand’s new look. For the hotel’s digital campaign, we shot both photos and video and combined the two mediums in post-production for a compelling hybrid of stills and motion. See them below and on Instagram at @nataliaweedy.



worldwide appeal

Marriott’s global reputation is marked by its top-rate hospitality. Our goal was to visually capture that feeling by conveying the idea of rest and tranquility found in nature. 

We photographed micro-landscapes and layered them with hyper focused details—even in the motion of the breeze—to create images that resonate as macro-images on the side of a building and behind a lobby desk all the way down to key cards and door tags. In post processing our team worked with Marriott’s signature blue tone to create a cohesive look for Fairfield Inn and Marriott brands worldwide across all brand collateral and digital platforms.



Behind the Scenes

What a lovely few days touring the historic retreat, tucked in the rolling hills of western Virginia. We began with a scout of the 4200+ acres, then prioritized and confirmed the shotlist. We accomplished it all by aggressively 4 wheeling our way over hills and through rivers, avoiding ticks and quietly pursuing butterflies and bumble bees until sunset, just to make it back the next day in time to capture dew drops at sunrise in Paradise Valley.

Natalia Weedy