When an athletic injury caused three ligament & cartilage tears to my left knee over two years ago, I never anticipated that I would still be recovering after two reconstructive surgeries. As a former professional salsa dancer, soccer player, and fitness instructor, my active lifestyle and athleticism has always been a significant part of my identity and a necessity for balance in my life.  

Throughout my rehabilitation, I sought recovery through alternative therapies. In my research, I came across Legitimate Movement, a gym focusing on building strength and endurance through movement quality, alignment, and mindset. I worked with LM partner Kevin Perrone, who lengthened his typical bodywork and therapy practice to work with me for over a year. The atmosphere of the gym is easy to connect with and I appreciate the trainers' value of quality and functionality over traditional no pain, no gain attitudes or workout trends.

Being able to tell the story of such a personally impactful client is a rare but incredibly rewarding experience and allows me to feel passion for my profession in a new way.